Problem installing Revit & Dynamo connector

I have a problem regarding installing the Revit and Dynamo connector.
I have added them in a previous phase and afterwards I deleted them manually (they are not shown at all on Revit & Dynamo). However, they still appear as ‘Installed’ on my Speckle Manager and, as a result, the Manager does not let me install them again (or update in a new version).

I have tried uninstalling Speckle for Revit and Speckle for Dynamo through Settings>Apps but it does not work since it cannot find the uninstallers in the corresponding position. I have also tried to manually install these connectors from but for some reason the page does not seem to load on my laptop (referring to the Manual Installation section).

Could you please help me with any tip or somehow provide me the uninstallers in order to place them in the correct position and proceed with uninstalling the connectors & installing again?

Hi @annak , welcome to these parts!

An updated version of Manager will let you easily override any previous/existing installation, in the meantime here are 2 direct download links to the latest stable version:

The reason why Manager thinks they are still installed is because some registry keys also need to be removed to properly uninstall the connectors.

Anything else, just let us know!

it’s working now, thank you for the quick reply!

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