Privacy/security of models/data on Speckle

Hi everyone,

I had a question regarding privacy of models/data uploaded to Speckle.

I am asking because my company is interested in using this platform, particularly for Revit and ETABS models. We want to know more about the privacy of models/data on this platform as we sometimes work on confidential projects. I would like to know more detail about privacy and security of data on this platform, if uploading a model to Speckle is able to be accessed by others, and if I am able to completely delete models/data if I would like to?

Any help would be appreciated, as we have been testing out Speckle and are keen to use it on real projects.


Hey @ZStructural

Each project data’s accessibility can be controlled by the owner of the given project. So you as a project owner might invite other users to be part of that project. Our docs on this go into more details. Do note its using the old naming scheme, but the accessibility features are the same.

Deleting a project will completely wipe all model data from the system.

Hope this clarifies things.

Please also have a look at our terms and privacy policy too.

For Private Streams:

Short version: We treat the content of private streams as confidential, and we only access it for security purposes, to assist the stream owner with a support matter, to maintain the integrity of the Websites, to comply with our legal obligations, if we have reason to believe the contents are in violation of the law, or with your consent.

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