Presentation at Yourdesk University

Hello everyone!

We’ve been invited to present Speckle at Yourdesk University – which is all about helping the AEC Tech community connect and share knowledge .

We were thinking to do a quick demo of Speckle by showing three people collaborating, for instance a computational designer, a structural engineer and an architect.

Would anyone be interested to help us set this up?

The presentation will take place on a Wednesday in October (tbd) at 9pm UK time (4pm in NY).

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I’d be down to lend a hand (architect / unity person here!)


That’s awesome, thanks @haitheredavid for volunteering!
I’m sure we can find an engineer between the many …ahem Arup… people in the community :grin:


Hey @teocomi! Yes, we absolutely can - sorry for the delayed response! I can jump in, or I can track down another volunteer :slight_smile:

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Great! I’ll ping you both on Slack soon so we can start coordinating :nerd_face:

Hello @Community!

Quick reminder that we have 2 Yourdesk University talks featuring Speckle lined up!

The first TODAY at 4pm EST / 9pm UK time

The second one NEXT WEEK, Oct 21 at 4pm EST / 9pm UK time

Recordings will be available on youtube after the events: YourDesk University - YouTube