PowerBI Viewer not showing 3D

Dear Speckle Community,
I tried to import some geometry from Revit 2022.1 in PowerBI. I followed all the steps on the GitHub page and imported the visual.

This how it looks on the web

This what it looks on PowerBI

(I have to say, this happens also when I try to import from other apps, like Civil3D or Microstation)

Any advice?


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Hi @camnebim,

is the stream you’re trying to view public? The current viewer version can only view public streams, as we still need to hookup the authentication logic between the DataConnector and the viewer.

Could this be the case? If your stream is already public, then something else is obviously going on there… would you be able to share the report with us so we can check on our side?

hi @AlanRynne,
that was right, thanks for the clarification. In terms of security, does it mean that people with link can view and access the information like this?
Would it be possible in the future to use the stream in a “controlled” environment, like a company server?
Or limit to access only to people with link and added to the whitelist (a bit like Document permissions in Microsof Office?)
Let me know any updates on this feature, it would nice to have for improving the security

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I’ll confess this is still unexplored territory, but this is what I’m thinking right now:

  • the creator of the report provides an access token to authenticate any speckle interactions.
  • the viewer would also use that token, so that both connector and viewer have the same access to the data.

This would allow whoever has access to the report to view the same thing as you (the report author), since they’d basically be using your token. This allows for non-speckle users to view to still view the report, even if they don’t have a speckle account.

In order for others to access that report, you’d rely upon PowerBI’s access management, like so Share Power BI reports and dashboards with coworkers and others - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

It’s still early days of our PowerBI workflow so things may change as we go, so don’t hesitate to ask for more stuff, and we’ll do our best to prioritise the requests :slight_smile:

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