PowerBI stuck in the Log in Screen

When I connect to my server, the login screen is stuck like in the screenshot. What should I do to skip this screen there is no button to give access

Hey @Orhan welcome to our community!

I’m not an expert but this could be a bug in the new version of our web app, could you try using a URL to the same model but taking it from our old web app: https://speckle.xyz/ ?

Please note that there a few things are called differently there, we’re still completing the transition.

Let me know how it goes!

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Merhaba @Orhan ,

Sorry to hear you are having problems logging in. Just to better understand where the problem is occurring,

  • Can you try changing Power BI’s language to English and see if it helps. If it works, this indicates some localization issues with our connector.
  • Also, we have seen some problems users reported that disappeared once they updated their Power BI. Can you also make sure if you are on the latest build of Power BI?

Change the language or old server it works window closed but again I get this error.

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This is a first. Can you share the Speckle Model URL with us? I’d like to try to reproduce the issue.

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