PowerBI 3D Visual Not Responding On Table Row Click

Dear Speckle Family,

I’ve successfully followed the Speckle tutorial regarding visualizing Revit rooms inside PowerBI but I am running into an issue. Inside my simple example, I have:

  • 3D Visual
  • Table (Name, Number, etc as columns)
  • Slicer

When I click on the slicer, the 3D visual responds and the table responds. When I click on a room in the 3D visual, the room is highlighted in the viewer and isolated on the table as expected. However, when I click on a row value in the table such as an individual room name or object id, the 3D visual does not respond as expected. It gives off a slight jitter refresh as if something is happening but the selected room is not highlighted and the 3D viewer remains at its default state showing everything with nothing highlighted. Any ideas what is causing this or is this expected behavior? Thank you.

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Hey @xyzquestions ,

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It is not expected at all. Please share the Power BI file with me via DM so that I can reproduce the issue and help you.