Power BI - We cannot apply field access to the type Null

Hey guys,

I have started to play with Power BI and I am trying to get my Stream to it. But I get the following error while trying:

Details: “We cannot apply field access to the type Null.”


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Hey @gokermu!

The PowerBI connector may need some love as we haven’t been able to test all possible edge-cases.

I haven’t encountered this error before so not sure what’s going on there :cry:

What’s the stream you’re trying to receive? I can have a peek throughout the day.

I’ll add you as a collaborator.

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Hey @gokermu, I just opened a PR into the PowerBI repo to add read receipts support. But in addition I also fixed an authentication problem.

It seems that when you are trying to access a private stream, the token was not being properly set in the request, leading to an error we were unprepared to handle.

Token should now be properly attached always (when provided, that is)

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