Power BI visualization - Model not visible

I’ve been trying to visualize some IFC files on a Docker-deployed Speckle server. The issue is that the model isn’t loading, even though Power BI is receiving the correct data. There is no loading progress displayed.
I tested the same IFC file on your free Speckle server to check if the file might be corrupted. The model loaded successfully when the data was pulled from your server.
The data that Power BI receives from both my personal server and your public Speckle server is exactly the same. The project is also accessible from outside the network using the link, so there shouldn’t be any issues there.
Do you have any ideas about what the problem could be?

Compared Data:
left side: public speckle server vs right side: personal server

Link to both projects:
Public Speckle Server
Private Speckle Server

Hey @JulienBaumgarten ,

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Our 3D visual does support visualizing elements from a custom server. I noticed that your connection is not secure. I have a feeling that there might be some restrictions on the Power BI side regarding what you can visualize in the viewer from an external source.