Power BI - Unable to receive branch

Hi guys,

I can’t receive a specific branch in Power BI when Branch name includes a special character.


Branch Name👇

When I deleted the special character it worked just fine. @AlanRynne, maybe you could take a look at it.

oh… interesting!

There are some limitations on the way we decode branch names. As powerBI doesn’t provide a clean native way to go from url safe encoding to utf-8 consistently.

We’re currently using a bit of a hack I found online (which is to pass the branch name as a query parameter of a fake url… :man_facepalming:t3:). Seemed to work fine with most cases i tested (including emojis!) but I may have failed to check characters like &

I’ll do some tests later in the day and see if I can come up with a solution, but meanwhile you could try to pass the branch name as families%26types?

I may just need to force encode the branch name before decoding it back to ensure there isn’t a mixed bag of characters.

I actually changed the branch name later on. But yes, it works with %26.

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Ok found a nice solution for this problem! It will be included in the next release! :wink: