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I’m using the latest speckle.mez V0.0.14 in Power BI Version: 2.112.603.0 64-bit (December 2022). When getting data from Speckle - Get stream by URL (Beta), Same for structured, i’m getting this error:
Module ‘Speckle’ contains an invalid version specifier ‘’.
Any idea, what i’m doing wrong?

Thank you,

Hi @Francois_Beaupre!

Nice to know some people spend the first day of the year testing out Speckle :heart:

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue, I’m going to try and reproduce it in my test machine and get back to you with some answers.

If it’s a quick fix, I’ll make a new release ASAP.

Hi again @Francois_Beaupre!

I found out what was wrong and released a new version 0.0.15 that should no longer suffer from this issue.

Thanks for reporting it! I hope you enjoy the new features :wink:

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Hello @AlanRynne
That version(V.0.015) works like a charm!
Thank you for the quick fix.

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