Power BI lighting seems very dark

I am using the Power BI interface to perform a series of visual checks for modelling consistency in PowerBI but I am finding that the Speckle Power BI viewer is very dark around some sides of the model.

I have experimented with the settings including turning off cast and catch shadows but it seems to make very little difference. I bumped indirect lighting up to max and this didn’t appear to have any effect either.

I guess for this type of visualisation a flatter colouration from mostly indirect light and no shadows, with an ambient occlusion would probably work best.

I have got the impression that sometimes changes made don’t immediately update and others do so maybe this is the problem.

Heya @rklaschka - long time no see! This sometimes happens if the viewer is loaded twice, or some other webgl shennanigans.

Does the model look the same in the “canonical” viewer in the web app? This will help us eliminate the above scenario.

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Thank you @dimitrie I think it is that. I have three tabs in my power bi document. I just jumped back and forth between the tabs and as the model re-loaded the issue went away.

I have noticed that having multiple viewers in the same document doesn’t seem to work very well, would you advise against it.

The web app is absolutley fine.

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