Power BI connector installation issues

Respected sir,

I did followed all steps of speckle to power bi connectors but unable to find connector in power bi Get Data tab. plz help me in this what to do next.

plz find error images below for your reference.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks & Regards
Abrar Khan
BIM Specialist

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Hey @Abrar_Khan ,

Welcome to the community! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: to the community if you want to! :grinning:

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble installing the Power BI connector. Did you follow the steps described in the configuration too? You need to allow any extension to load without validation or warning from the settings page.

First of all thanks alott for responding me.

Yes, I did followed all the steps and I did change the settings for any extension to load without validation or warning in power bi too.

plz help me now what can i do.?

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Hey @Abrar_Khan ,
Have you tried updating Power BI? Some users have reported connector installation issues that were solved by updating Power BI.

I have recently download and installed power bi and its latest version.

Can you share what version you have? Screenshot would be much appreciated.

sir are you there? i have sent you version screenshot.

@Abrar_Khan Could you please let me know if you’re using a personal device or a workstation?

I’m using personal device

Ok, i just searched your version number and looks like a lot of people are having problems with it. Can you try installing version 2.121.903.0 version?


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okay sir I’ll try it and will inform you what will happen.

Sir its works but I have one more problem that is I’m unable to see the 3D model as you see in image.

I have imported data from revit to speckle and did the same steps as you shown in videos.

sir tomorrow will be my presentation plz help me.

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Hey @Abrar_Khan ,

You need to make your Speckle project Link Shareable to be able to view it inside Power BI. Please take a look👇:


yes sir it’s working thanks alottt sir’

sir plz share any video about how to link that 3D model with graphical charts so that we can monitor real time work in power bi.

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Hey @Abrar_Khan, if you are creating visuals using Speckle data, 3D viewer visual will automatically interact with it. However, if you are using other sources of data like Excel or any other data source, you need to establish a relationship with Speckle data. We have created a tutorial to help you with that. You can check it out from here:

Thank you soo much sir, you did and doing a great job hats off sir for you.

once again thanks alotttt