Pipes from Revit to C3d

Objective: Exporting Revit pipe elements to C3d
Is there a way to transfer a pipe network from revit to C3d

Hi @Ayman_ghamrawi ,

Currently the Civil3D connector doesn’t support receiving pipes, you can check the support tables for a more complete list of elements.

We definitely do want to support receiving pipes however, and will keep you updated when that has been implemented!

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Hi @Ayman_ghamrawi and welcome to the Speckle community! :wave: Feel free to introduce yourself if you like.

I would like to know a bit more about your workflow.

  • Tell me more about your goal. Do you need pipe network in Civil3D for coordination, documentation? Anything else?
  • Do you share the pipe network in your engineering team internally? Or with external project stakeholders?
  • Are there any specific properties you would need from Revit in Civil3D?

Any more information and context would be appreciated.