Pipes and Ducts not working correctly

Receiving pipes and ducts to and from Revit.

Duct: Created a system of pipes with all the routing families needed. Sent to Speckle and then tried to receive the model from Speckle to the same Revit file and non of the routings were received. In the mapping process, some of the rountings are not recognized, but are loaded in the file.

Pipes: In this case the problem is worse. Did the same previous process but when I receive from Speckle to the same Revit file the diameter of the pipes goes completly crazy, with different dimensions everytime.

I’m testing the new version of Speckle.

Hey @MiguelFrazao ,

MEP elements are quite tricky in revit, but we’ve made substantial progress in the soon to be released 2.16 version of our connectors. You can give it a try by installing the latest alpha (note it might still be a bit unstable).

I will give it a try :slight_smile:

Working perfectly with the connector new version! Great work!


Amazing how now there is no need to load the different type of families for the Ducts and Pipes, it creates automatically. Are you thinking to do the same thing for the structure?

Hey Miguel,

If there are no types available on receive, the new release will:

  • ask you if you want to load the missing types
  • create a direct shape instead

This fallback behaviour should already work for structural elements as well :slight_smile:
Let us know what you think!

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