Pipe Sizes Received from Civil 3D is not the same in Revit with an error message

Receiving Pipes from Civil 3D 2022 in Revit 2022 does not provide the proper pipe size as indicated in Civil.

In Speckle Revit, I’m also getting the following message: “Missing type. Family: Type: Type was replaced with: Pipe Types, Default Pipe type not found; replaced with Hydronic Supply”

Versions used: Revit 2022 , Speckle version 2.2.2 and Civil 2022 , Speckle version 2.2.2

Hi @Jacques,

Currently “BIM” elements sent from C3D are being sent as generic Speckle pipes - this means they do not contain Revit specific information like families and Revit parameters. The message you are getting lets you know that the pipes that were created in Revit were assigned to a default pipe family, in this case Hydronic Supply, which comes with a default diameter.

We’re constantly improving our Revit conversions, and will look into adding diameter adjustments to the default conversion. In the meantime, if you’d like to adjust your Revit pipe diameters to match the civil pipes without doing it manually, then the easiest way is probably through the Dynamo connector, in which case you can pull the diameter information from your Speckle pipe and generate a Revit pipe with the correct parameter value!


Claire, thank you for your prompt answer and explanation. Will experiment with the Dynamo Connector.

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Hey @Jacques , updating to let you know that I took a peek into the Revit conversions and noticed it was a small bug that was preventing C3D pipes from coming in with the correct diameter! The fix will be included in our next release :slight_smile:

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Wonderful , thank you for the update Claire.