Parts Support in Revit

I was wondering if there are more categories that are going to be supported by the revit speckle exporter. In particular we use a lot of Parts to help adapting models for VDC and they are currently not exported to use in the viewer.


Hi @Ricardo_Zepeda ,

How are you planning to use parts in Speckle? Can you explain your use case a bit more?


Hi @gokermu thanks for the reply,

in terms of the use case parts are a very dynamic and usefull type of element if you are in Virtual design and construction, since you can use them to adapt a model from a previous stage (design) and split elements, assign custom properties to those parts and export quantities. All of this without changing the actual elements in the received model ( you can choose to see the original element or the parts generated from it in the view properties).

here is an example:
This model was split usign parts to have a better control of how they are actually going to build it. this is how it looks in Revit.

and here is what is currently send to speckle

general application of parts: VDC, ArchViz of different layers of building componets on the viewer and comment on them directly, Prefab and offsite construction between others.

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