Parameter Updater to Revit (Area, Number Parameters) Issue

Hi again, community!

Today I was testing again sending Parameters Updates from GH to Revit and I have successfully sent a lot of updates to revit elements , but some of parameters actually weren’t sent.

Everything went smooth when i send changes to Text parameters.
The issue i faced is sending ParameterUpdater to Revit’s shared parameter wich have Area/Number Type of data. I have made some calculations based on Room’s area and then tried to send new values to Revit, but they didn’t get the updates.
Below are some screenshots of my case:

Above you can see that after i recieve stream from speckle these parameters wewrent updated. I guess that that may be caused by wrong units setup, but I’m not sure… I saw in documentation that we have to specify m/mm/cm/inch or none. but What type of units should we choose for Area and Number parameter type? :slight_smile:

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Hey @Mykyta_Onopko!

As always, thanks for reporting these small issues in detail! As far as I’m aware, these values should be coming in… @teocomi may know what’s going on here though I’ll open an issue to keep this tracked (

We’re currently testing for a new release (2.4.0) so if it’s a quick fix, we’ll try to push it in there (no guarantees though!)

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I just tried quickly locally (using our latest beta, due to be released ina few days) and I cannot replicate, can you maybe spot any differences in my set up below?

Otherwise would you be able to provide a sample we can use to replicate the bug on our end (like a gh and rvt file).




Hi @AlanRynne , @teocomi ,thank you for your replies!
Sorry for my late reply, wasn’t able to get back to you earlier, it’s a hard times in my country (Ukraine)…
Now I tested once again that issue and for me it’s still there.
I simplified my gh script, so as you can see i’ve just left only one parameter to update (has area type). I’ve also internalised Revit elements IDs and Revit Parameter GUID name(according to speckle). The stream to send in my script will probably not work for you, but as I understand it’s not important as far as you can use any test stream to send and recieve/update revit data.

Here is the link to .rvt, .gh samples (please, note that its Wetransfer, so it will expire in 7 days probably):

Thank you for your support! :pray: :relaxed:


Hey @Mykyta_Onopko !

Thanks for providing us with the sample files, it’s super useful!
I gave it a go, and when receiving it seems to be setting the values correctly on my end, please see the video:

Am I missing anything?

In which version and language is your Revit? I’m wondering if that could be part of the issue…

Needless to say that we are horrified by what’s happening in your home country! Really hope it’ll end up soon.


Hi @teocomi !
I’m not sure why, but after updating speckle manager and Connectors I tried once again and everything works just fine :sweat_smile:
Every parameter was updated and the result achieved.

PS. I really enjoy coming back to Speckle again and again seeing it becomes better with each release. :heart:Great work from the team and the community :clap:

PPS. Thank you again for your reply and support! :relaxed:

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Awesome :star_struck: let us know if you find anything else and we’ll look into it!
Thanks for the feedback too :slight_smile: