Orbit around selected object


In my featurerequest spree, another one :slight_smile:
it would be usefull to allow te usert to orbit around the centerpoint of selected objects, instead of always around the centerpoint of the model.

For coordination, validation and other purposes also.

Hey Dick,

When you double click on an element, it is set as the centerpoint of the viewer, allowing you to orbit around it. Is this what you are asking for?


That is exactly what i meant… thanks!

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Is there a way to create a view and set a center point? For example I would like to create a view “Bathroom 1” with the center point in the middle of the room. That way a contractor can orbit around the interior much like a 360 panorama. To view another room they can switch to another controlled view for that room. I guess this is more like the Matterport way of walking through a model. Orbiting a large model with multiple rooms is tough for most users. It’s very easy to get lost.

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