Optional values in custom speckle objects

(I think the strategic answer is to create a proper object using c#)

Buut it would be nice to be able to toggle inputs in a custom object to be optional
Example: In my custom room-component, some rooms will have windows, others will not, but i would still like the component to generate a room object

(most good rooms have windows, but that is another discussion :wink: )

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This is a super good shout! We’ve logged it here, and will try to get to it in the next two weeks.

There might be some discussion needed:

  • make all of them optional (less ui clutter and things to remember for end users, but can cause garbage data)
  • add extra right click option to mark as optional (cleaner, but more difficult to implement & communicate)

@John_Haddal_Mork, do you think marking them all as optional is a problem?

Great, thanks!

Yeah - As you say, it might not be straight forward.

Atleast in this case, I think your first suggestion can work (The component runs if at least one input has input)

However, ideally there might be an hierarchy of inputs while determining if an object shall exist. This is the case for the Schema floor component

Speaking of floors: just spotted that the output text of the floor-component does not correspond

In general: Is this where I add bug-reports? or directly in Github?

Wherever is easiest for you! We have noticed less people using github, so we’re happy to receive them here.

Re optional inputs - probably we’ll go for the proper solution (mark the optional ones explicitly). It will give you the control you need…


For reference, here’s the issue we created to track this internally:

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Hey @John_Haddal_Mork!

Just jumping in to let you know that we’ve already added this feature and you should be getting it in the next release!

We added a righ-click menu option for it, and a nice ui tag to notify the user which inputs are optional or not. I hope that does the trick for you :smiley:


This is amazing! Thank you so much!

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