Only slicers interact with the model

I want to use other visual to interact with my model
I have created a little example the slicers (date and parameters) works well and interact with the model, but other visualization doesnt work.
Could you help me with this question please?

I send to you the files and video.

Metrado de concreto total.xlsx (6.6 KB)
Prueba Avance de obra.pbix (1.8 MB)

Thank you

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Hey @HowardFlores ,

Does your 3d visual have tooltip input set? We have found a bug that prevents interacting with visual when tooltip info is empty.


@gokermu, 47 / 5.000

That’s what was missing! and it finally works!!!
Thank you!!!


Great! Until we fix this papercut, make sure you set tooltip info in your visuals. I’ll let you know once we fix it.