Online Geometry Edit and Save with Speckle Works App

Greetings all,

I am an undergraduate student and I am working on a grasshopper project. I wish to use speckle to send my model so others can view and modify my parametric design online. My question is, whether it is possible to allow others that I share my project with to modify my model’s parameters online with speckle works app and then save that version and send it back to me ?

I appreciate all the help.

Hi @wewelo_welo, Speckle does not offer such thing at the moment, but you might be interested in looking at SWARM from Thornton Tomasetti instead. Here is a related tutorial.

Thank you for your help @pauldotnet. I will check it out.
If you are aware of any other similar tools that do the same thing please notify me.

Actually @wewelo_welo you could use Speckle to achieve something similar, if collaboration is your end goal:

  • create your model in GH, and send it via Speckle in a new stream
  • share the stream ID with your model with your friends
  • let them receive the model in GH and modify it as needed
  • your friends can now create a new stream and send the model back to you

You can also have people play with sliders of your GH definition from the web, but this feature is currently a bit hidden and not fully supported: GH Sliders / controllers in web viewer not showing up - #12

Hope it helps!

Thank you very much for your reply @teocomi, Is it possible to save the parameters of the model if I send them through the web ? In other words, can my viewers save their modified versions on the web and send them back to me like in a json file, etc.

thank you.

In either of the cases I mention above, you and/or your friends will be able to save the GH models. There is no native way currently to just save only the parameters that drive your GH definition.

Although, as a workaround, you could store them in a dedicated Speckle Stream, and then retrieve them whenever you want :), I’d say give it a try and see what works best for you!