Objects on the server are not visible

I am experimenting with the .NET Speckle SDK, receiving files, and then sending them back to the server.

I run the Speckle Server dockerized using the docker-compose files found in the Speckle Server repository.

I receive and send the objects to the server, but upon doing so, the objects are not visible on the server.

public class Point : Base
    public double x { get; set; }
    public double y { get; set; }
    public double z { get; set; }

And here is the part of my code that uses the SDK.

        var account = new Account();
        account.token = "my-generated-token";
        account.serverInfo = new ServerInfo
            url = "http://speckle-server:3000/"

        // The id of the stream to work with (we're assuming it already exists in your default account's server)
        var streamId = "d3b6267877";
        // The name of the branch we'll send data to.
        var branchName = "main";

        // Authenticate using the account
        var client = new Client(account);

        // Get the main branch with it's latest commit reference
        var branch = client.BranchGet(streamId, branchName, 1).Result;

        // Get the id of the object referenced in the commit
        var hash = branch.commits.items[0].referencedObject;

        // Create the server transport for the specified stream.
        var transport = new ServerTransport(account, streamId);

        // Receive the object
        var receivedBase = Operations.Receive(hash, transport).Result;

        //this works
        //Point p1 = new Point();
        //p1.x = 5;
        //p1.y = 5;
        //p1.z = 5;
        //var speckleObject = new Base();
        //speckleObject["@data"] = p1; // Attach your serialized geometry as the data of the Speckle object
        //speckleObject["@type"] = "MyGeometryClass";

        // Sending the object will return it's unique identifier.
        var newHash = Operations.Send(receivedBase/*speckleObject*/, new List<ITransport> { transport }).Result;

        var commitId = client.CommitCreate(
          new CommitCreateInput
              branchName = branchName,
              objectId = newHash,
              streamId = streamId,
              message = "Automatic commit created by the c# webapplication app",
              sourceApplication = "c# WebApplication1",


My question was solved in this post.

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