"Objects of Type $Extrusion are not supported"

I’m using Rhino, trying to test out V2 using your test server at https://staging.speckle.dev and can’t get any geometry (extrusions or otherwise) to get into a stream. Am I missing a step?

Hi Scott!

Are you using a build from manager or did you build it yourself? Would be helpful to know the version if you used manager, or the commit if you built it locally.

If you’re using the most recent release / commit, it would be great if you could send over the file you’re using so we can see if it’s a geometry issue!

I built from manager just this morning, see attached. I am just building a simple box in a blank file, so I don’t have anything to send in terms of a .3dm file. The error is happening in both Rhino 6 and in Rhino 7. I’m new to V2 so may have not completed the setup properly; all I’ve done was install the plugins via the manager and load up a server using the info found at the end of this thread: Unable to create speckle server using local host - #4 by dimitrie

Hey @Scott_Deisher,

I just gave a quick try with our 2.0.5 Rhino connector and it all seems to work fine. The process you described for setting up Speckle Manager and the Rhino connector is correct, so I’m not really sure what could be going on.

Would you mind trying to:

  • reboot your machine
  • remove the connector and install it again (from Manager)?

It could also help a bit if you could share a screenshot of the error message you get when sending a few objects (eg meshes, curves, surfaces).

Thanks for the help, just reinstalled the connector and I’m up and running. I removed V1 from my machine yesterday soon after I ran into this error, any chance that was interfering with the performance of V2? Just a thought, otherwise all is well now.

We have successfully used v1 alongside v2 in all our connectors, so that shouldn’t have been the issue. We did though, mistakenly publish a broken Rhino connector some time ago, so maybe it didn’t install/update correctly the first time… Anyways glad to hear you’re up and running!

Feel free to say hi here if you feel like Introduce yourself 🙆!