Objects missing from Revit

Hi @connor! Thanks for your work!

keep fighting mate!

Don’t forget the beam systems, too
and, yes, actually ‘sending’ is mainly relevant to me. I’ll read your post about the changes but I am afraid I won’t understand much, no coding skills, unfortunately :frowning:
(But I always wanted to learn at least Dynamo, and probably I will)

Please continue to do so.

Sure ;D

columns were previously assumed to be always based on two levels, but appearently they can be one-level based with a fixed height.

→ Actually, in general, the category is not a guarantee of how a family behaves, in this case, the column was made as an in-place family then turned to loadable, in-place families do not use families templates, or I could have made it starting from a generic model template, then switched to the Columns category. So, you might find a variety of situations. Regarding ‘slope arrows’, they can be applied to roofs, floors, ceilings, pads…

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Hi guys, other items to append to the list:

  • steel structural framings +Modifiers
  • structural connections

I’ll drop a sample file in the pCloud folder

thank you!

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Hello @Fabiana_Ilari,

Sorry for taking so long, but I’ve finally gotten around to supporting all of the objects that you’ve provided us. You can see a few before and after screenshots here. I know I’m not showing all the models that you sent, but several of the issues overlapped and I think that I’ve fixed all of them. The changes will make it into our next release, 2.11, which should happen in the next couple days. Once it gets released (I’ll ping you here again) give it a shot and let me know if I missed anything.

Thanks again for your many contributions!



2.11 is out now so you should be able to get all these improvements!


Hi Connor! No worries for the time, I am so happy you fixed those issues :smiley:
These days I am pretty busy but I can’t wait to see the improvements on Speckle 2.11!
It’s great to have beams, braces, and columns converted

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