Object History: detection of changes of a specific object in different commits

I would like to search between different commits, to detect the same object and how this has been changed across time. Is there any connection point (i.e. an id) to achieve that? In my understanding, when an object changes, its id is also changed. Regarding the applicationId, as far as I understood, it may be the same for different objects or not be present at all, so this is again not helpful. Could you please help me on that?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Maria_Rousi !

You are right:

  • the speckle id is actually a hash of the object, if any of the object properties changes then it’ll get a new id
  • the applicationId instead is tied to the host application that generated the elements, for instance in the Revit Connector. Although, some host apps don’t even have the concept of an id, making it almost impossible for us to set one reliably

If you could tell us which software you are currently using we can give you more info about how ids are handled there and maybe provide you with some workarounds until we figure out a better solution :slight_smile: