Numbering comments

Hello :wave:

I’m considering the possibility to display 3d models on a web page using the embedding functions offered by Speckle (which are very good by the way).

I was wondering if a new feature could be added to number the comments in the viewer (I have this example of SketchFab in mind).

I think this could benefit in two ways:

  • Having the ability to annotate a 3d model that presents a linear journey to the user
  • Making communication on models easier, since you could for example refer to ‘comment number 7 on the model’, when discussing via videoconferencing or on the phone.

I hope this makes sense, and thank you!

(I guess the sdk tag is not the right one here, but I didn’t know which one to use :grimacing:)


Hey @mlavantoine! This is a very good idea. @gokermu has asked for this in the past, and it can be really powerful for storytelling and showcasing products as you said.

I’ve thought about this in the past, and it’s not as easy as it sounds to get a number sequence that makes sense (ie, going from 1, 2, 3 etc.) for a model because of two reasons:

  • you can archive them (mark them as resolved) - which means you could end up with 1, 2, 5
  • a comment can be created referencing multiple models (when, for example, you create a federated view by overlaying two or more models)

At a project (stream) level we can definitively do that though, but then again it might look weird (again, you’d probably end up with 3, 5, 10, 14 in one model, and 1, 2, 4 in another one). If this is acceptable, let us know - it can help us shape the roadmap!

Another solution would be allowing users to create “slideshows”, which can contain a given set of comments, or purely a set of camera positions and associated text.

We’re doing some major product changes, and part of this is a “follow mode” to make your life easier for exactly that scenario. You’ve earned a sneak peek:


Hi @dimitrie, thank you for your answer!

I guess it would be useful, and to some extents that would answer my request. I just discovered the ‘Comment slideshow mode’ in the embed options, which is already quite nice.

I think my request was more of a tool that permits to do that. From your explanation, comments seem to be useful for project development and issue tracking (and I think that’s a very good use of comments). I guess making a sequence of camera positions and associated text would be a nice way to create presentations that does not overlap with the development functions of the comments.

Thanks for the sneak peek!