Not receiving Breps in Dynamo

Hi Speckle team

I am sending a very simple brep from Grasshopper to Dynamo. As you can see, the object in the server is an Object.Geometry.Brep, but when I receive it in Dynamo is a Mesh.

As I understood from this documentation, I should be able to receive breps in dynamo, correct?

In fact, when I receive in Revit I do get a brep, just not in Dynamo. Am I doing anything wrong, or is this a bug?

Hey @janx !

I just checked the code to be sure, and Breps are not supported in the Dynamo Connector - I will update the documentation correctly.

As you probably know, Dynamo and Revit are not very well suited to support them, so it’s falling back on Meshes.

Do you have any specific use cases for Breps?

it’s a pitty because this capability to exchange breps between rhino <> dynamo was one of reasons that weighted in the decision for the use speckle in the our current project and now we need a workaround.

we need breps on both sides to keep consistency between Rhino and Revit for geometrical operation with solids for fabrication processes.

@teocomi what would it take in terms of development to include this feature? Is it on your roadmap in the near future?

Hi @janx , the Revit connector already supports receiving Breps as DirectShapes or FreeForm elements. Would that be good enough for you? You might have also seen our Mapper tool that allows for even more control.

I think as a workaround, you should be able to send NURBS surfaces as Polysurfaces and maybe rebuild them in Dynamo.

If you really need support for Breps in Dynamo, we can look at what’s possible!

thanks @teocomi. Let me evaluate our options and come back to you on this one!

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