Normal Data Support

Hi there,

Received objects were looking weird on Blender. I realized, Speckle does not transmit normal information. Is this the standard behavior? If so, is it on your roadmap to support normal data in the future?

Thank you.

Hi @Alper_Soylu,

I assume you’re referring to vertex normals on mesh data (i.e. for shading/lighting)?

Right now, we’re relying on some simple normal calculation, and don’t support more custom normal data like is supported in apps like Rhino, Blender, etc…

This is something that’s requested before.
We are investigating putting this on our roadmap, but I don’t have any timeline I can share with you just yet.

I’ll let you know when there’s any updates on this feature.

Which apps/workflows are you most interested in seeing support this?
Right now, we’re thinking it would benefit Rhino, Blender, and our Viewer the most.