Nodepen Speckle Data Explore

That will be awesome if we can connect nodepen onine with data speckle to explore data :face_with_peeking_eye: , any people in here working with that ?


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Well, Nodepen is already powered by Speckle. What do you mean by connecting Nodepen with Speckle data? A receive node for nodepen? Sending nodepen data to Speckle?

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I mean it will be become a dynamo online allow all people can be create node to easy connect with speckle

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gonna rope in the man himself @cdriesler.iv :sunglasses:


Hey! Yeah, can you say more about this Dynamo idea?

With the way I’m approaching things now, the nodes library takes a “library” of components and a set of callbacks for different actions/events (like a change in an input). More generic than earlier versions.

I’m using it, in order to do Grasshopper from the web, by passing in a “library” that looks like grasshopper components and setting callbacks that send data to my Rhino Compute / Speckle server. (A bit of hand waving there)

The model viewer also takes a Speckle stream id directly, and it checks it for new data.

I’m still getting a feel for the most comfortable way to wire things up. (What happens when user accounts are involved? What if I wanted to draw/set geometric inputs from the 3D viewer?)

What are you thinking about doing with Dynamo? I always thought it’d be difficult, because I’m not sure that our options are great for a “Revit server”. But I’ve had my plate full with Grasshopper and haven’t given it a good look.