No response after clicking "GO" when Speckle Server Address is provided during installing Speckle Manager

I created a new Speckle account as shown below. However, while installing Speckle Manager (v2.0.33) I’m unable to reach Speckle Server. The FAQs on this issue doesn’t help as I don’t have a firewall blocking access to this website.

Can anyone advise how to solve this problem, if you’ve encountered similar issue?


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hi @oat! (ps: nice handle) - welcome, and apologies for the bug.

Could you send us a screenshot with the console open? you’ll need to go to settings and choose “show developer tools”, then select the console (second) tab in the panel that opens up. Click go again afterwards in the account adding process and let’s see what happens!

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Thanks, @dimitrie

I’m not sure if the following screenshot of the chrome browser’s developer tool is what you were asking for.

Anyway, when I click “add account to manager” as highlighted in the yellow eclipse, the Speckle Manager window will open and there is no response after clicking “GO” when “” is provided as the “Speckle Server Address”.

Thanks for the screenshots @oat, the bug has been identified and fixed!
Please have a go with our latest version of manager:

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Dear @teocomi @dimitrie ,

Thank you for the prompt response and quick fix.

I can confirm the issue has been resolved.