No colours from tekla to speckle


I export from TEKLA to SPECKLE with CLASS COLOUR or real RAL colours, and the elements are always grey in SPECKLE. Is there a setting in SPECKLE to manage the colours ? I have look in the settings but find nothing.


Hi @NFRERE and welcome to the Speckle Community. Feel free to introduce yourself :slight_smile:

You can override colours in the viewer, see the Filter Groups in the panel on the left. Could you tell me a bit more what you want to achieve? More details about your workflow and use case would be great.


Thanks a lot, i apply the filter, the colors change for and no way to change (the pink will be red) and the purple will be green in my project


The filter colours are generated and you can’t change them, I’m afraid. Rendering of Tekla materials in viewer is not currently supported from Tekla.

In TEKLA we make the distinction between material and finition for the objects, a same material can have several finitions. A cladding, column or beam in steel (Example : S235JR) can be galvanized or painted with a specifical colours.

Exemple for ARCELOR products for cladding, a same cladding in one steel can have all these colours