New Connector request: VisualArq

It would be great to connect rhino inside excel as a 3d model embedded informed as a bim model (something like a ifc model).
Thank you

Hi @oda_federico and welcome to our forum! Feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: if you’d like.

Can you explain your use case a bit more? You can already embed rhino models inside excel (or anything sent to Speckle!) thanks to the latest updates in our Excel connector, see:

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Hi @teocomi,
Thank you for your superfast replay. I was not aware about this feature (is it already working?)
I’d like to get a possibility to interact with data model embedded in excel to obtain for e.g. quantity takeoff, gantt or charts directly from parameters / data of 3d elements.
Thank you again

Yes, give it a try! All the parameters on the object should be extracted and available in Speckle :slight_smile:


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Thank you @teocomi,
I will try it! I’m working with Visualarq BIM plugin directly in Rhino, do you think is it possible to transfer BIM parameters informations from Visualarq to Excel via Speckle?

Hey @federico, when we looked at VisualArq in the past, the blocker for us was reading Speckle data and recreating VisualArq blocks. If you instead are looking for a workflow to run data analysis on those VA blocks (which our support of has improved since the older threads mentioned VA), then I’d ask that you give it a try.

If you can see BIM data stored in VA coming through in the Speckle viewer, they will be available to you in excel. If it isn’t yet, then we can look again.

Go for it, share any streams you commit to, and we’ll see if we can do more or if VA is the blocker.

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Hi @jonathon
as you suggest me I tried to stream simple BIM model from Visualarq to Speckle and it seems there is a lack of information’s parameters (the same data informations however, they are maintained in an ifc viewer). Also I tried to populate the excel sheet on informations streamed from Speckle but it is possible to interact only in one way (see animation gif attached).
Thank you

test_stream Speckle-Visualarq.pdf (288.6 KB)

The export report log shows the BlockInstances being converted, and the geometry is present. The data view you have there is of the geometry node. If you explore the whole dataset using the explorer on the left, do the block wrappers themselves carry the VA data?


I don’t have VA so cannot say for sure it is or it isn’t. Perhaps you could share the stream you have committed that model to and we look together.

Hi @jonathon,
I have been inside “expand data view” but nothing.
Say me how to share this stream with you.
Thank you

It seems VirtualArq is still retaining its data on the VA object.

Operating as a software we don’t yet support on top of one we do is confusing,

When we looked at this a year ago the answer from VirtualArq was that we’d have to use their SDK. Clearly that is still the case and they aren’t enriching the native Rhino object.

I have registered your connector request.

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Thank you @jonathon,
a Visualarq Speckle connector it would be great!
Thank you again

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Besides the demand for the Visual ARQ:

@jonathon @connor: the interaction in the Excel is for me also only one way. A selection in the 3D view selects the row in the spreadsheet. The other way around selecting a cell and having only the selected element visible is not working in the German version. I believe this is also the reason why it only worked one-way for @oda_federico. The English version of Excel (Web) is working like a charm. It is the same situation as with the PowerBI (Desktop + Web) → PowerBI Published Report - Help - Speckle Community



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Are there any news about Visualarq Connector?
Thank you

We have no updates on this - sorry

First of all very compliment for new web app, amazing!
About the new web app do you have any new news about data visualization of visualarq geometry? It is very important for a rhino-Bim implementation with Speckle.
Thank you again

The situation we have is unchanged.

While we understand how this is, there has only been very little interest to justify exploring this in-depth. This is not a never, but it remains a not yet.

I’ve noticed a certain issue with Visual Arq causing system lag when inserting certain elements. I’m considering an alternative approach, perhaps utilizing Mirror from Speckle (which I’m still exploring) or directly transferring the model using Rhino 8’s modeling capabilities. In terms of BIM, we could leverage Rhino for modeling and Revit for information. It would be quite impressive if we could establish a live sync between Rhino, Revit, Tekla, Lumion, and Navisworks.