New Connector Request: Planswift

There is significant opportunity to improve the estimation process by providing visualization models of the planswift datasets. Planswift is a robust estimating software but is primarily based on 2d geometry traced over PDF or DWF files. The typical output is excel. The project data is stored in relatively simple to understand xml files and contains all the information required to produce 3d content. (Columns are filled regions with a height value, and width values) To date I’ve been generating 3d revit models from planswift estimates via dynamo but this process adds unnecessary complexity mapping to specific Revit content. The revit models are then ported to powerBI (Via 3rd party addin) Having a connector that can produce simpler 3d geometry for visual QC and shared with PBI and presentation software is a massive win. I’d be happy to share my efforts (albeit crude) that consolidate the planswift xml data.

Thanks for the proposal, and welcome to the community!