New Connector Request Neo4j-Revit-Dynamo

Hello, I’m BIM mananger student.
I’would like using speckel to connect a virtual model with a visual data base “Neo4j” for my academic projet.
Could you tell me if it’s possible to do this with speckel?
Do you think, it’s possible to use a dynamo script until revit?

Hello @Doliprane93,

sounds like a super cool topic :slight_smile:. Last year, I supervised a master’s thesis in our firm with Neo4j, in this case for the version tracking of MEP openings. Sidenote: It is like going after those openings with a rocket launcher :sunglasses:

At that time my master’s student Ganga used the C# driver of Neo4j and the Revit API to create a Revit plugin for the above-mentioned use case. Before she went serious with the Revit plugin, she drafted it with Dynamo and Python for a proof of concept. Neo4j also provides drivers for Python (Neo4j Python Driver 5.8 — Neo4j Python Driver 5.8). Maybe she can provide you with code snippets (You should be able to contact Ganga via her LinkedIn profile → Ganga Surendran Sanila).

In the case of yours, you could either go for a workflow like this:

Option #1: Dynamo

  • Use the Speckle or Revit Data
  • Sort the Data and connections
  • Model the graph and relationships in the Dynamo Python Editor

Option #2: SpecklePy
Why just limit yourself to Revit … trying to build something based on SpecklePy would be even more interesting and universal. Maybe you can use the code in our repository as inspiration to receive data (different use case though)

Whether it is option #1 or #2 you need to understand how to model the graph and its relations afterwards. Neo4j provides lots of free material for it

I hope this helps you on your journey! Keep us posted here … I’m super curious about the outcome!



You can also take a look at this … GitHub - a244096658/Dynamo-Neo4j


Hello Alexandre,
Thank’s for your answer, your contact and your documentation.
I hope to find a solution and if I find something. I showing you.