New Connector Request: Autodesk Vault


I would like to add a connector request for Autodesk Vault.
Everyone who uses a centralized vault server are being pushed to the professional version and I believe the professional version has more cloud/web connectivity or possibilities.

The main would be to directly grab the data from the vault, proces it through speckle and able to stream it to other applications like, Rhino/Grasshopper, PowerBI, etc.

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Hey @CCal ,

Thanks for the suggestion!

I don’t have experience using Autodesk Valut, what types of files and workflows are you using it for? Do you think that Speckle could become an alternative to it at some point?

Given that our web app already has version control and collaborative features, it’d be very interesting to hear what PDM and PLM functionalitis would be valuable additions to it :wink:

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Hi @teocomi ,

The Vault can hold any file type you upload to it. For us, we use it mainly with Autodesk Inventor to store inventor files and drawings. So mainly, ipt, iam, idw files.
Vault has great version controls and files life cycles support.
That Speckle could become a full alternative is a very interesting idea and I think also very good competition to Autodesk.

To get back to how we would like to use speckle with a Vault connector.
It would be very useful to be able to query metadata or even get the files from the Vault, internally convert it to ifc or a speckle compatible file that can be served in the cloud.
From there we could use Grasshopper to get that data and perform parametric modeling on the base models/data.

Another great workflow I have begun testing is, to serve the 3D model to PowerBI.
With PowerBI, I can run reports and calculations and project managers, design and engineering team can get a quick glance of the state of the project. For example: which parts are already in production, which is pending review, how many squared meter of glass do we have, which types, how many kilos of steel and lately, what is the embedded carbon values in the materials. There are a lot of metric we can make with PowerBI.

These are the few ideas, I am trying out and a speckle connector with the Vault could help connect these software better in order for the data to flow more easily.

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Fantastic, thanks a lot for the extra details!
In these regards, I think a connector for Inventor might be more feasible. Anyways, we’ll definitely keep you posted on any developments in this area.

We’re currently working to fine tune existing workflows but hopefully we’ll be able to pick on new connectors soon :slight_smile:

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