New Connector Request - Advance Steel from Autodesk

Hi, will it be a connector for Advance Steel from Autodesk ?

would be very usefull to have a connector between Advance Steel and any other design software (revit, tekla etc… ) Once the model in Revit or in advance steel is approved for construction, the fabricator can continue developing the model up to shop drawings either in advance steel or Tekla.

Hey @famador there is already one!

Developed and maintained by @phliberato, you can install it via Manager as usual.


Is it compatible with version 2024?

Not yet, but @phliberato is working on it!

Good news, support for AdvanceSteel 2024 is coming with Spekcle 2.16, which due in a few weeks :partying_face:.
Kudos to @phliberato !

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:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: thanks a lot @phliberato

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