NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource

I installed 2.10.3. After that when I open the dashboard then appears the message “NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource” in a little blue area at the bottom of the browser window.
When I click on “Feeds” then appears the message “Network Error” in a similar little blue area.

Because of these messages I returned to 2.9.2, but now these messages appear again. This was not before my upgrade attempts.

Where should I start debugging?

Thank you for any hints.


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Hi @bernhard

Sorry to hear that the upgrade didn’t succeed. Some questions about your setup and symptoms:

Are you deploying speckle via docker-compose?
Are you able to see any errors in your browser’s developer tools console?
Are any errors being returned when viewing the logs of the containers? View container logs | Docker Documentation

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Hi iain

thank you for your hints.
The reason was a blocking add-on in the browser.

Now also update to 2.10.3 had no more network errors.

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Great to hear that you resolved the issue, and thank you for posting the fix.