Nested properties and/or group by multiple properties

Is there any way to create nested object properties? For example, I might have a property for material type and then that material type has its own properties for certain physical parameters.

Also, what about filtering by more than one property in the speckle viewer? This would be really useful as your models start to get bigger and more complex.

If these things are already possible, it’d be great if someone could give me a hand working out how to implement it.


Hello @tluther! In grasshopper this is possible, in actually twoways:

At the moment it’s all a bit confusing - I am confused myself regarding what’s the best way.

With Custom User Data (here’s the object):

Does this help re user data?

Regarding the viewer, the current functionality is a bit of a placeholder - works well, but isn’t polished. I’m keen to get back at it. I also was mulling on how you could combine filters (or views, or whatever we’ll end up calling them) to better see what’s going on. Watch this space :wink:

Thanks for the quick reply @dimitrie

Glad to hear that nested properties are supported. Although, the more I think about it, the more I’m also unsure what the best way to use it is. I’m sure when the controls are expanded, this will become much more valuable.

Out of curiosity, what controls do you have in mind?

Either just have it so the viewer can accept multiple filters/groupings (e.g. if I want to see everything on level 2 of the building AND with some other property.

Or, maybe it would be cool if by default, the control panel showed any layers that existed and allowed you to toggle their visibility, as well as expand them to view the properties associated with those layers. Not really exactly sure how this would work best, but I’m working with reading gbxml files into speckle at the moment and coming across a lot of attributes that are only associated with certain object types, which leads to a huge list of properties in the control panel, and an inevitable and large list of orphaned objects

Gotcha, thanks - this is really good input! (disclaimer: timing wise, don’t hold your breath though!) I will try and have a look at how this could be solved - it’s a nice puzzle to play with!

Also, if you can point me to your stream (email is fine) so i can work with real data, it would be much appreciated!

(If you grok vue, minor threejs, etc, and wanna play :soon: GitHub - speckleworks/SpeckleAdmin: A simple front end app for speckle)