Need help with /api/streams/ returning 500 error

I’m trying to put new objects in a stream but am receiving an internal server error with this one Revit model. The only difference I have noticed in this model is that there are umlauts in some fields which are utf8 encoded. Not sure if the backend could be having issues decoding these or if it’s something else. Any help would be appreciated…

heya @tluther! I think ümlauts should be fine… are there any potential . in any property names? This usually throws off the server…

If you can get your hands on the logs, a screenshot of those would help a lot too!

PS: Just tested with umlauts in layer names, etc.: Speckle - and it’s fine. I’m going to try with gh now to break it more.

Hey @dimitrie,

There’s no ‘.’ in property names. The same code was working for every other model we’ve tested and the property names don’t change, so I figure it must be one of the values somewhere.

It’s on the hestia server, are you able to check those logs for me? stream ID: PZ9XfC7cjn


Unfortunately that stream is empty :grimacing: Can you send me the model that causes this so I can debug on my machine?

Yeah, what’s your email these days?

You can use :metal:

Hey @dimitrie, did you get a chance to look into this?

Hi Tom, I didn’t figure it out, but I suspect I know what’s wrong :smiley:

I’ve just created a stream with a part of your sample data here:

I thought it might be something to do with weird chars in the key names, like "Day Type ['Weekday', 'Weekend' or 'All']" or ü - but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

What I do suspect is that all the payload is a wee bit too big (3mb); did you try batch sending the objects several at a time, and then creating the stream with placeholders of their ids?

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