My wish: Civil 3D to Excel

I use Civil 3D in my work. I need to extract primitive data from the drawing, such as the sum of polyline lengths, hatching areas, number of blocks, and so on. I extract this data manually and enter it into an excel spreadsheet. This table is stored in the drawing file itself as an OLE object. Further, a complex calculation logic is implemented in the table, the results of which are displayed in the layout space. This configuration has been perfected for years in our company. It turned out to be the most viable, simplest and most convenient of all possible options. I tried to implement the logic of extracting data from the drawing and calculating the final results using Dynamo, but the calculation turned out to be monstrous. Only I could edit the logic, because only I understood it, while everyone understands excel.
Saw Speckle. I liked the idea of automatic extraction. I decided to try it and installed it. But it didn’t take off. This is a continuous torment, a struggle with errors. Civil 3D periodically closes with a fatal error. Deleted it and breathed freely.
It would be cool to have a working version without errors. With the ability to extract data with reference to specific cells in the table. With the ability to update a bunch of data by pressing a single button.
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Hey Marat, welcome to the forum and thanks for providing such detailed use case!

We’re constantly working to improve our connectors and will be very happy to look into the issues you have been experiencing, would you be able to provide a sample file and a few steps on how to reproduce them?

There were a few bugs in the last release (2.4.0) that have been already resolved as we have been transitioning to a new UI, and a new release will be made soon!

PS feel free to Introduce yourself 🙆 if you’d like!

Hi @Marat_Dzhygkajty , would you be able to share the civil3d file you were testing with? Having real files to test on are a huge help for us to improve the stability of our connectors, and I’d be happy to troubleshoot with yours to see why it’s crashing!

Hi Teocomi!
Thank you for your response.
test2.dwg (3.3 MB)

Attached a link to the video below .
Speckle errors reproduction


Hi Clrkng!
Thank you for your response.
Attached a link to the video and draw file.

Just wanted to update you and thank you for the bug reports - don’t worry about being critical, taking time to give us feedback like this is greatly appreciated and pushes us to make a better product :slight_smile:

I’ve looked into your file and the crash issue was linked to our new connector UI, which should be stabilized with the new release. The UI has been redesigned, so some of your frustrations (like deleting a saved stream, and having layers update in the layer filter in saved streams) are also fixed in our upcoming 2.5.0 release. Just a note that the stream page won’t update automatically with document changes unless it has been saved to the document first. Hope this addresses some of your concerns!

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