Multiple speckles in the Grasshopper pulldown menus

For some reason I now have a lot of Speckle dropdown menus in Grasshopper. Please send help.
Thanks in advance!

Each tab contains nodes for different softwares👇:

  • Speckle 2: Send/Receive and object management nodes.
  • Speckle 2 Revit
  • Speckle 2 BIM - These are more simplified, lean bim objects.
  • Speckle 2 Structural
  • Speckle 2 GSA
  • Speckle 2 CSI
  • Speckle 2 Tekla

I agree that it overwhelms your Grasshopper🦗 UI. Especially the last 4 on the above list are unnecessary for architects. Maybe @AlanRynne knows a way to disable these tabs?

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Hey! I think the multiple Speckle tabs is Speckle 1.0’s fault :face_with_head_bandage:

This is a known issue and since we’re no longer maintaining 1.0, I’m sorry to say we’re not going to fix it.

I’m not even sure why this happens in the first place, but it does so in a non-consistent way. Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the Speckle 1.0 plugin helped (it has something to do with the way and order Grasshopper loads things).

As for @gokermu’s answer. You can actually disable all the extra tabs from the Speckle 2 top menu, and from the next release onward they will be disabled by default to prevent overwhelming user’s with too many options.

This menu only appears after you’ve opened a document or dropped a node into the canvas, this is to ensure the “multiple speckle top-menu” issue @Silent_Bob is having would not happen in Speckle 2.0

Anyway, sorry @Silent_Bob since I’m aware my response may not satisfy you. But we’re a small team and we’re fully centred in making Speckle 2.0 better, so we don’t have the resources to keep maintaining the prior version of Speckle.

Hope you understand!

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You were right, how come i didn’t notice this :slight_smile: