Missing references to Presentation Core and Revit API

I’m trying to add support for GSA streams in SpeckleUnity and started by adding the latest release of SpeckleStructural:

But ended up with the errors in the title. How should I go about resolving these? Baring in mind that I need to package all dlls within the Unity package itself so I cant rely on external dependencies installed elsewhere on the machine.

A quick solution would be to add them via nuget NuGet Gallery | Autodesk.Revit.SDK 2022.0.0
But ideally SpeckleStructural would be split by software to avoid having to reference unnecessary dlls…

You ping @nicburgers on slack re this as he’s the maintainer of SpeckleStructural. But it might be worth having a wider discussion to decide on a common approach.

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Hi Pablo you’re right about having unnecessary references in SpeckleStructuralClasses.

I’ve cleared out the Revit ones (and others) on my SpeckleStructural nic/multithread branch, which I’m hoping to be able to merge back and release in the next week.

The only use for Presentation.Core is for some vector and matrix methods, which I’m currently planning to phase out in favour of MathNET.Spatial. So stay tuned on that one.

In terms of SpeckleStructural as a whole:
I was working to the recommendation that the conversion code should stay within the kit, which would mean these references (like Revit’s) remain in the conversion-related projects within the solution. If you guys have arrived at a different resolution then let me know! Happy to discuss further.

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