Missing Events in activity log

Hi. We took an audit of the actions that were logged (commit_receive, stream_create etc) and found that events from some clients weren’t getting logged. See attachment for full audit. We are missing:


  • View stream
  • view commit

Python Stream

  • receive stream

Power BI

  • receive stream


  • Receive stream

Is anyone looking at this or should we start a PR?

Hey @peter.grainger !
Thanks for looking into this. Received Receipts have only been implemented in connectors, and that’s why they’re not in the web app or python.

We’d be happy to discuss it more if you think having them in the web is a must-have feature :slight_smile:

Regarding PowerBI and GSA, please PR away!

@teocomi we are using them for analytics. Trying to figure out how people prefer to view the models so it would be great to have them in the web as well to see how popular this is.

Expect PRs for PowerBI and GSA :slight_smile:


For the web part we were thinking to introduce a new concept, similar to the received receipt but counted separately as views or something similar.
This because it’s quite different if someone simply loads a model in the 3d viewer or receives it in a connector…

Any thoughts?


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As the web view is a preview rather than downloading the full model it makes sense.

When we are counting who is receiving a stream we are trying to work out which platform people are engaging with the most so it doesn’t really matter too much I don’t think what it’s called, though it makes it a little more difficult to compare. Are people using the web interface more than a specific client to view streams. It helps us know where to focus.

I am happy something is getting looked at for the web though :slight_smile:

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@teocomi any movement on the views event? It would be useful to understand who is using speckle but not contributing to any streams

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