Missing elements receiving Revit data into Sketchup

Hi @gokermu,

I have been testing this integration in our workflow (Revit to Sketchup), and it’s interesting what you guys have built. But I want to be sure you are aware of the issue I’m having: when I upload my Revit file into Speckle Cloud, everything looks good, and no problem there, but when I pull that data into Sketchup some of the elements are gone i.e lighting and plumbing fixtures or Electrical Devices such as plugs and switches, also the missing elements vary time to time as the model re-uploaded that’s why I always make sure that data is been exported well and double-check on the cloud if is being displayed correctly.
I hope you guys can fix this issue because I’m sure Speckle will be crucial for our workflows.

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Thanks for the report, have logged this and will let you know when we have an update!

Same as: Lighting Fixtures not Coming through with export from Revit into Sketchup

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