Migrating Speckle data and account stored in MongoDB

Hello Speckleland,

I would like to migrate Speckle data and personal account from one localhost server that I’ve deployed on one machine, to another localhost server that I more recently deployed on another machine. I had no problem in deploying a new server, but I am struggling in migrating the MongoDB data and account. I read that one can just copy paste the data\db folder from one drive to the other and this would do the trick, but it clearly did not for me. Anyone familiar with MongoDB migrations?


If you’re still stuck on this, use mongodump on the source db then mongorestore on the target db.


Hey Matthew! Thanks for your input. I’ve looked into this but unfortunately I am struggling in reaching out the source db from my target machine. I’ve set bindIpAll in my mongod.cfg file, disabled all my firewalls, tested the ports via http://portquiz.net:27017/, restarted both mongod instances on both machines but can’t reach the source IPv4:27017 when using mongodump… any clue?

Are you sure the mongo is picking up the mongod.cfg?

How are you starting your mongo instances?
Try starting them specifying no binding from terminal
mongod --bind_ip --dbpath <yourdbpath>

Does it behave any different?

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jeez… it works :man_facepalming:… thanks a lot man! Still wondering why it did not pick the config file… I’ve saved it 100 times and even ended up restarting my laptop…

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After solving all the above it actually worked like a charm, now I have all data from both local servers in the new one!