Mesh visualizing error from grasshopper to dynamo

Hi guys

i have a trouble with some geometry sended from grasshopper to dynamo
i try to send point, curve and mesh but…

  • with curve i can see polyline or line but if i try to send interpolated curve i visualize a strange polyline
  • i can’t see mesh or mesh faces

i use rhino 6 sr13 and revit 2018 with dynamo 2.0.0

thanks for help

Hello @francesco_perego! I’m a bit swamped, and I or @teocomi won’t be able to look at this until next week, so sorry for the late reply and extra delays. Does the mesh display in dynamo ok though? There are quite a bit of fuckups in between the two (dynamo meshes should be fine :confused: )

i can see the mesh in dynamo list but not in revit
and the mesh work with other dynamo node like mesh.vertex position or mesh.faceindices
mesh.vertexposition show me the vertex but i can’t see the mesh faces

and i have other little problems with meshtoolkit

waiting your news

Ciao Francesco,

Dynamo meshes and Toolkit meshes are quite different from eah other! Speckle only uses Dynamo Meshes (so far).

To create the Toolkit mesh from he Dynamo mesh you are using the Mesh.ByVerticesAndIdices node, which takes a list of Vertices and a list of Indices, but you’re giving it a list of IndexGroups. What you need to do for that node to work is probably to just flatten the IndexGroups.

Regarding seeing the mesh in Revit, I’m not sure that’s supported… What would be your use case anyways?

ciao Matteo

i know about dynamo and mesh toolkit but i have some problem also with mesh directly from speckle.
i have tryed to rebuild with point and indices but don’t work…
i want rebuild a parametric geometry in dynamo to evaluate force and tensions


If the mesh shows up fine in dynamo, then the problem is most likely not with speckle:

  • either with how you convert things in the MeshToolkit part
  • Revit itself?