Mesh issues with the GH connector - Archicad to GH workflow

Hey! Since the archicad development is getting back on track i thought i should mention an issue i have been running into. Recently sent an archicad project I’m working on in Speckle and the model looks great. Everything looks very clean and light weight in the Speckle viewer. However, some of the wall meshes that I’m gettin in GH are very bad. There is a lot of missing geometry, so the result is basically unusable.

Weird thing is, the Rhino connector for the same stream delivers very nice results, so it seems GH and Rhino are using different translators to bring in Speckle meshes?

EDIT: Issue also confirmed in newly released Speckle 2.8

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Hi Andrei👋,

Can you share the stream with us? Feel free to share it here or send a DM. Or even better, add me ( or @AlanRynne ( as a collaborator.

We need to simulate your error on our side and see whats going on. But my first impression is that there is something wrong with our Mesh conversions in GH. Thanks for reporting🖐

Hey @Andrei,
I’ve tried to reproduce this error on our end but failed. Can you share the stream/model by any chance?

hej! This one is on our own server but ill upload a version on and beam you in.
Also. think its happening when one wall object has two or more displayValues attached… only one gets brought into GH

Hey @Andrei!

Just double checked this and your intuition seems to be correct. It appears that the DSO node has some issue with displayValue and only outputs the first item on the list.

I’ll open an issue for this, but meanwhile, you can use the Speckle Object Value by Key node to get the displayValue meshes, which appears to not have this issue.

2022-09-19 16.39.49

Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 16.36.44

Thanks for reporting this! We’ll ping you as soon as it’s fixed (and we’ll release a new version so you can use it). You can also track it here if you’re curious:


Thanks, Looking forward to it!


Hey @Andrei,

just letting you know we merged in the fix for this issue, and should make its way into our 2.9 release sometime next month (don’t have an ETA yet).

I’ll let you know when we release a beta version in case you want to give it a try before-hand!

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Nice, Thanks for the update!

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