Mesh data from Rhino with color

I have simulated solar irradiation in Ladybug for grasshopper, that was baked into a Rhino mesh and steamed to Speckle The stream imports fine into Revit and Blender but I now wonder if it would be possible to get the colors as well since they are very important?

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Vertex colors are already converted when importing meshes into Blender.
Although, because this mesh also has a RenderMaterial, this is rendered instead.

This requires a small tweak to the material. By setting the Base Color property to the color attribute col.
Once you’ve made this change to the material, it should render the colors as expected.

But please be advised, we don’t currently send vertex colors out of Blender.

You could also try removing the render material before sending out of Rhino.
As (in Blender) for meshes with no material, we fallback to using their vertex colors.

Thanks for the help. It would be useful if it would be possible to export vertex colors from Blender in the future.