Mesh colors from energy analysis

Hello everyone !!

I am currently working on a workflow to share data from energy analyzes. I got some basics results on Honeybee (Grasshopper) from Energyplus and Therm. Now I wish to send it as colorized and dynamic mesh on the web viewer.
The true differences between those two objects is that Therm results is one mesh colorized from value attached to its vertexes, Energyplus results are several meshes with one color for each.

I tried different ways :

  1. On the first step I just send the meshes in Sender. Basically I achieved to see it on the Hestia viewer, but not on the App viewer.
    Why ? Can’t I did the same on the App Viewer ?

  2. On the second step I attached data (Temp and Flow) as dictionary to Points (for Therm results) and to Meshes (for Energyplus results).
    I didn’t achieved to see controller on Hestia viewer, is it possible ?
    This way is not really efficient, bunch of points are heavy to load.
    The colors to see property are always the same ? From blue in min-range to pink in max-range, is there any way to control the colors ?

  3. Finaly and specially for my Therm analysis, I am convinced that I should use the same way meshes are colorized in structural 2D analysis as Dimitri shows us in an example. (Dynamicaly colorized mesh)
    But I didn’t achieved to use or understand how works the preset Structural2DElement results. How can I attached this to my mesh as Dimitri did ? It seems to be the best and most didatic way to see analyzes results.

BONUS Question : I tried to send with results from solar and light simulations in Revit on Speckle server. I hoped that the geometrical result as colorized planes would be supported. Sadely I didn’t found the way to send those with Speckle, is there any technic? Or is it impossible for the moment?

Sorry, that makes a lot of question ! Hope I didn’t stunned you :slight_smile:

Have a nice day, night, evening or morning, depending on where you are !

Numa L.

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Hey @Numa_Latourte!

The easy answers:

This is probably a regression in the newer viewer of 1.0 :grimacing:

Unfortunately not…

I really don’t remember what was possible in 1.0 re coloured meshes right now. I think it used to be the case that if you provided from gh a bunch of vertex colours the viewer would pick them up, but totally not sure anymore if this was the case.

The example that I posted there has a very strict way of operating, and if you do so chances are it will work:

Basically, for every vertex in your mesh you must have, in a custom attached property, an array of the same length with numerical values. If you select this custom prop in the viewer, it will then assign to each vertex a colour within the blue - pink range.

You don’t need this to be a structural mesh, it can be any mesh!

v = [ x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2 ... , xn, yn, zn ]
custom prop = [ v1, v2, v3, ... vn ]

I know this is difficult to achieve in 1.0 and possibly quite cumbersome…