Material Reassignment in REVIT non-system families

It is great that material in System families (Stairs, Railings, Curtainwalls, Floors, Walls, etc.) are easy to replace or modify. I don’t know programming to offer help in doing the same for non-system families, such as custom furniture. light fixtures, and solid models (extrusions, sweeps, etc.)

For now it seems that Blender doesn’t activate Edit mode for such non-system REVIT families brought across (yet?). There are workarounds, but a direct modification would be great.

This can be more powerful than D5 Render because producing stereo panoramas in Blender is well done.

Hey @Nader1328 ,

You should be able to replace materials in component families in Blender too. Would you mind sharing a bit more context on the precise details of your issue? I’d be happy to try and assist you further.